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Kamaelia Publish v. 0.0.1!

Posted by Jason Baker on May 30, 2008

You may download the initial version of Kamaelia Publish here (Mac OS X only currently). Upon installing the package, you will find that Kamaelia Publish can serve basic WSGI webpages. You will get a demonstration of basic WSGI functions by going to  I’ve gotten it running using MoinMoin, but for some reason POST methods don’t seem to work (thus you can’t edit pages).

And yes, I know the fact that the icon keeps bouncing up and down in the dock is annoying.  I’ll have to find a way to fix it.


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Posted by Jason Baker on May 14, 2008

Ok, so this is one issue that’s been bugging me about HTTP. I keep hearing the acronyms URI and URL mentioned. I knew that URL wasn’t technically accurate, but I couldn’t ever find a good explanation of what the difference between the two are or why URI is more technically accurate. This is even after reading various explanations about the subject. Here’s what I’ve come up with:


A URI is a name that identifies something globally. Admittedly, this explanation is a little bit vague, but then again the idea of a URI is kind of a vague concept. We’ll come back to this later, but I’ll give you a few examples of URIs:

  • http://www.coderspalace.com
  • http://www.coderspalace.com/index.php
  • file://usr/lib/python


A URL is a special kind of URI. It gives you more precise instructions on where something is located. Thus, something like http://www.coderspalace.com/j_baker/ will tell you what computer a webpage is and will even narrow down where the webpage is located, but it won’t give you an exact location of the file like http://www.coderspalace.com/j_baker/index.php will.

So I suppose the next question is: who cares? The point is that nowadays you don’t really need the level of precision that a URL requires and haven’t for a long time. Try going to http://www.coderspalace.com/j_baker/ and http://www.coderspalace.com/j_baker/index.php and see if you get any difference between the two links. You won’t. This is because my webserver is smart enough to know that when you go to http://www.coderspalace.com/j_baker/ you really mean http://www.coderspalace.com/j_baker/index.php. Pretty cool, huh?

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Google FriendConnect

Posted by Jason Baker on May 13, 2008

Ars Technica writes about Google’s upcoming FriendConnect technology. From what I can see, it looks pretty awesome. It is essentially an extension of Google’s OpenSocial that allows site owners to embed authentication and various other social apps in their webpage. They give Ingrid Michaelson’s website as an example of what FriendConnect can do. Whatever the case, it looks pretty interesting. And more importantly, it looks like something I would want to put into Kamaelia Publish. I just signed up for a preview release of it. We’ll see if I get in.

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